Coworking for repairs. Fix the electric scooter with your own hands!

Коворкинг для ремонта электросмокатов

PROcamokat opens up new opportunities for scooters. Do you want to repair an electric scooter with your own hands? Or maybe you are thinking about tuning? Do you not have the necessary tools to repair the electric scooter? Don’t want to take up space at home, but it’s cold in the garage?
We have a new service – coworking for repairs .
The service will allow you to repair electric scooters with your own hands. to do this, you will need to get wet in the workshop:

  1. Convenient workbench. A stable workbench, adjustable in height, allows you to install an electric scooter for repairs in any position.
  2. Tools and equipment for electric scooter repair. We have all the necessary repair tools and equipment for Troubleshooting.
  3. Supplies in coworking – free of charge. You can fix the electric scooter with your own hands without buying coils of solder and sets of heat shrinkers.
  4. Possibility to store the electric scooter in the repair shop. If your spare part is delayed on the way, you can leave the electric scooter for storage in the workshop.

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