восстановление мотор-колеса

Restoration of motor wheels electric scooters

Restoration of the electric scooter wheel motor. People often ask, how does the repair of an electric scooter go? Today we will post a photo report on the restoration of the motor wheel of the electric scooter.

Restoration of the motor wheel of the electric scooter takes place in the following order:

  • 1. Disassembly of the electric scooter body elements. Disassembly, directly, motor-wheels.
  • The evidence of the problem, as they say on the face. The main reason for such breakdowns is not the correct waterproofing of the electric scooter or the complete lack of Aqua preparation; not the correct storage of the electric scooter (in a wet room). This type of motor-wheel scooter is a consequence of the direct ” Bay ” of the part.This is what a “sunken” motor wheel looks like.

    ржавое мотор-колесо
    ржавое мотор-колесо разобранное

  • 2.Start repairing the electric scooter! The first stage is mechanical cleaning of the stator from rust. The item looks better, but the repair has just begun.
  • 3.The second stage of the cleaning wheel motor scooter – chemical. Remove the remaining rust from all external and internal surfaces. The procedure is long and takes from 24 hours. Maximum exposure in solution is 48 hours.
  • мотор-колесо механическая чистка
    мотор-колесо ржавое химическая очистка

  • 4.Clean item looks like this:
  • мотор-колесо чистое
    мотор-колесо чистое статор2

  • 5.Job cleaning is complete! Start the work block with the electric circuit of the electric scooter. You need to restore the wiring, isolate the soldered contacts. Accuracy of soldering and contact isolation is the basis of safety and long service life of equipment. And of course, it is necessary to carry out waterproofing of the motor wheel.
  • 6.Work on the restoration is completed, it is time to start the build. The assembled electric scooter will be waiting for its owner.
  • Repair summary.
    The recovery period of the motor wheel is 3 days.

    Repair price 2 500 rubles.

    Price of a new motor wheel: 5 000 rubles

    You need to repair the electric scooter – go to the link “Repair of electric scooters”. While your electric vehicle is being repaired, rent an electric scooter.

    Restoration of the electric scooter wheel motor
    Restoration of the electric scooter wheel motor
    Restoration of the electric scooter wheel motor
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    Restoration of the electric scooter wheel motor
    Restoration of the electric scooter wheel motor
    Restoration of the electric scooter wheel motor
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