Smart BMC electric scooter-lights and blinks!

Смарт БМС электросмокатат

Electric scooters often start repairing equipment on their own.
And when removing the soundboard, their attention is immediately attracted by the smart BMS display. Smart bms should have it by definition.
The Smart BMS Board has light diodes installed, so the Board has a light indication. The light and the way this light diode is lit indicates the presence or absence of breakdowns in the circuit of the electric scooter.
BMS electric scooter from different manufacturers has a different light indication.
Xiaomi breakdowns are characterized by a red light. The blue color of the backlight indicates that the Board is working properly. But the discontinuity or non-discontinuity of the blue signal is also important.
Only if the Board flashes a bright blue light (the light selected by the manufacturer to indicate the operating state), this is an indicator of system health.
The absence of an indication on the smart BMS clearly indicates that it is not working properly.
And so, the blue flashing signal BMS for Xiaomi – indicator of proper operation of the system!

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Smart BMC electric scooter-lights and blinks!
Smart BMC electric scooter-lights and blinks!
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