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Can I use electric scooters in the rain?

Спасет ли гидроизоляция самокат

The answer is simple: you can, but you don’t need to!
Eliminate electric scooter Bay – this service repair of electric vehicles has reached THE top of popularity in the last 2 weeks. The reason is the rainy season that hit Moscow.
But this is not the only reason, many owners of electric scooters believe that waterproofing makes it possible to turn an electric scooter into a boat. Not one waterproofing, not the highest degree of protection, which is now used by manufacturers of electric scooters, will not save the electric scooter from the Bay. The electric scooter remains an electric scooter, it does not turn into an amphibian.
For electric vehicles, heavy rain is not dangerous. The main enemy is sand and dirt from the road, which under pressure breaks through the seals and gets into the body of the electric scooter. A water vortex with mud is created between the wheel and the hull deck, it collides with the deck elements and strikes the hull.
First of all, it “fills” electric scooters with 5-inch wheels: Jack Hot, Hoverbot. Low ground clearance leads to greater immersion of the hull in the mud mixture.
Electric scooters with a larger wheel diameter are less prone to drowning. But I don’t take any risks and I don’t ride an electric scooter to work yet, but a car. I don’t want to risk Isolde (Dualtron). Despite all the waterproofing that I did, and all the tuning of the soundboard, road dirt and flooded streets of Zhulebino are able to” fill ” the electric scooter.
If your area is clean and not flooded roads, nothing will spoil your ride on an electric scooter. Only I don’t know such districts in Moscow yet.
Rental of electric scooters, in rainy weather, provides electric vehicles only for use in closed premises (warehouse complexes, production modules)
Take care of electric transport, it will serve you for a long time!

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Can I use electric scooters in the rain?
Can I use electric scooters in the rain?
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