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How to choose and which electric scooter to choose?

How to choose and which electric scooter to choose?

For me, two completely different questions: how to choose an electric scooter, which electric scooter to choose, in the vastness of the Internet contain the same answers. The future owner of an electric vehicle is offered various classifications, ratings of models or a list of technical characteristics of an electric scooter.

In my opinion, the first question is clear. Electric scooter is a means of movement, with a positive emotional coloring, of course. You need to understand the < strong>distance you should move the electric scooter, taking into account the terrain of the trip, your driving style, etc. Learn more about calculating the time and distance of electric scooter rides here.
When you know the technical requirements (motor power, battery capacity, mono or all-wheel drive) for your future electric vehicle, you can go to the model selection.

Without going into different ratings and reviews of electric scooter sellers and bloggers-advertisers, answer the question: is it important for you to have a premium brand? If Yes, then– Dualtron. The choice will be completed by a small line of electric scooters of this brand, easily making up the selection settings. I can say that I myself am the owner of Dualtron. After passing through a series of other electric scooters, I wanted power and speed on any terrain. My Isolde regularly takes me to work, does not require frequent recharging and quickly gains speed in any hill, even under my not small weight.

If the brand is important to you, but not so (the cost of Dualtron electric scooter starts from 80,000 rubles), for you, marketers Xiaomi and Ninebot have prepared extensive lines of electric scooters. This is the case when you remember: “Do you see a gopher? Ah, there is one!” When using these electric scooters, you will not use all the settings, firmware, etc. Often my customers repair electric scooters learn about them from me, after the repair. For example, you will have a smart BMS installed (a very smart Board), a very beautiful app (it will tell you everything that happens to the electric scooter, but it will not fix it itself), and so on. However, for all the “chips”, marketers will ask you for money. With that, immediately for the electric scooter itself, and for spare parts later. For objectivity, of course, I must say that the Assembly of Xiaomi and Ninebot is always at a height and the batteries meet the stated characteristics.

But if you are not so important to the brand, the choice of electric scooters is significantly expanded, and the price is significantly reduced. You can’t do without a test drive here. To decide on the model of electric scooter, take this miracle of technology for rent. Different models give different emotions. You can take an electric scooter based on other people’s emotions, you can get your own. For me, the Kugoo S3 is too small and does not pull, for my wife it is too fast at the start and fidgety. For some customers of my electric scooter rental, Xiaomi (analog) is too measured and calm, and the Kugoo S3 is just what you need to enjoy the ride.
Here is another < strong>story about choosing an electric scooter, from the memories of the 2019 rental season.
A girl calls and wants to take a powerful electric scooter, categorically refuses to consider any options. She says that she has read reviews and reviews, it is necessary to take The kugoo G-Booster to school. Girls and children can be of different weights, I thought, and will load the electric scooter for delivery. I took with me, just in case, the usual urban Xiaomi (analog). I bring, unload, see a big surprise on the face of what turned out to be a fragile girl. In the picture, the electric scooter looked much smaller. She gets on the electric scooter and after a few moments I catch the girl, she is carried off the electric scooter from a fast start. G-Booster crashes nearby. I got a city electric scooter and a fragile girl plus not a big one, as it turned out, a child went wonderfully along the courtyard path. This is the choice according to the description and opinion of others.

To sum up: you need a premium brand and power, take Dualtron. You will not be able to find electric scooter rentals here. I won’t give up Isolde!

Appreciate the fashion brands Xiaomi and Ninebot. Take a test drive from sellers of electric scooters.

We are ready to consider other options-to you in electric scooter rental. Try, try, and only then choose.

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How to choose and which electric scooter to choose?
How to choose and which electric scooter to choose?
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