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Sealer for water treatment / waterproofing of electric scooter

герметик для электросамоката

Waterproofing of an electric scooter has several stages. One of them is waterproofing of the soundboard of the electric scooter.
Only this operation requires a sealer. Why you can not use a sealant in other cases, we wrote in the article Waterproofing of electric scooter terminals with sealant.
So, what kind of sealant to choose for aquapodgotovki soundboard?
First of all, the sealant for waterproofing an electric scooter must have the following functionality:

  1. Have a high polymerization rate
  2. High shear strength
  3. Maintain elasticity even with aging
  4. Have high adhesion to plastic
  5. < li>Be resistant to UV radiation

  6. Have good resistance to smudges
  7. Have the ability to withstand temperature changes.

Based on these criteria, we chose for our workshop for waterproofing of electric scooters polyurethane adhesive-sealant for gluing car stacks. Or it is also called a sealant-gasket for the automotive industry.
It meets all the requirements for waterproofing electric scooter in addition, it is black.
Technical data of the sealant we use:
Color black
The smell is indistinguishable
The consistency of a homogeneous paste that is resistant to sagging
Density g / cm3 approx. 1.24
Solid content 100 %
Mechanism of polymerization dehumidification
Polymerization rate (DIN 50014; 23°C, 50% relative. wet) approx. 3 -4 mm / 24 hours.
Shore a hardness (DIN 53505) approx. 55
Tensile strength at break (DIN 53504) approx. 8,5 MPa
Tensile stress (DIN 53504) approx. 2.5 MPa at 100 %tension
Shear modulus (according to DIN 54451) approx. 1.2 MPa
Tensile strength at break (DIN 53504) approx. 400 %
Shear strength after 24 h. layer thickness 5mmpo DIN EN 1465 2 MPa, 5 -6 MPa (fully polymerized)
Direct resistivity (ASTM D 257-99 / DIN IEC 60093)
approx. 1×105 Ω cm and volume change (DIN 52451) < 1 % Time of glazing:* max. 25 min. Operating temperature range, °C +40 -90 We do not promote or advertise products, so we do not write a trademark. But with these technical characteristics, you can easily find a sealant for your electric scooter. But the photo to the article, an example of excessive application of sealant to the deck of an electric scooter and not using protective equipment-gloves. Hands are photographed after thorough washing, and the sealer's adhesion is confirmed! We recommend using hand protection and applying the required amount of sealant to the electric scooter deck. For those who want to make waterproofing of electric scooters on their own, we have a < strong>coworking service for residents of Moscow and video lessons for residents of the regions.
In the video on electric scooter waterproofing we tell you about all the steps necessary to protect the electric scooter from moisture, show the tools and their characteristics that we use for the procedure.

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Sealer for water treatment / waterproofing of electric scooter
Sealer for water treatment / waterproofing of electric scooter
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