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Hydraulic brakes for electric scooter

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Hydraulic brake for electric scooter this option increases traffic safety. Of course, it is not necessary for all electric scooters. If your electric scooter is moving at a maximum speed of 30 km per hour, it does not make sense to install a hydraulic brake.
What is a hydraulic brake?
In a mechanical brake, the brake handle moves the pads by means of a caliper, using the most common cable. Pressing the handle and the pads move with a cable to the router. This is a classic technology. It has been used for many years and is used, for example, in the hand brake of a car.
In the hydraulic brake, the role of the cable that presses the pads to the disk is performed by the hydraulic line. A hydroline is a tube filled with brake fluid. On one side of this hydraulic line, a brake handle is installed, which is pressed by the scooter. The handle has a system of pistons that begin to squeeze the liquid through the tube. On the reverse side of the tube is installed a brake machine (caliper), equipped with a system of pistons. It “accepts” the movement of the liquid and transmits pressure to the pads, squeezing them.
The technology is also far from new, but it is not often used for electric scooters. While manufacturers of electric scooters do not spoil us, scooters with hydraulic brakes in the basic version of electric scooters, even from top brands.
The hydraulic brake reduces the braking distance by pressing the brake pads more effectively. But the main advantage, in my opinion, is that there is a” feeling ” of braking. The hydraulic brake on the electric scooter makes it possible to feel the response of pressing the brake handle and braking the electric scooter, with less effort to press the brake handle. There is no need to strongly press the brake handle, not even a significant press and the electric scooter begins to brake controllably.
Is the Bicycle brake suitable for electric scooters?
This is the most frequent question I hear. Yes, the Bicycle hydraulic brake can be installed on the electric scooter for certain operation.
Of course, it needs to be improved. In the part of the brake system itself-this is the extension of the hydraulic line, replacement of pipes. In the electric scooter part: this is a possible transfer of the brake discs to the other side of the motor wheel.
How much does it cost to install a hydraulic brake on an electric scooter?
Installing a standard hydraulic brake for electric scooters, pumping and adjusting costs 4,500 rubles.
Complex installation, installation of the brake from an electric bike that requires improvements is discussed separately.

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Hydraulic brakes for electric scooter
Hydraulic brakes for electric scooter
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