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Тюнинг Ultron 128

Tuning Ultraton128.

Factory Specifications:

  • 60 volt power supply system.
  • Controllers 2 x 37 amps.
  • With hall sensors. Without recovery.
  • The battery is 60 volts, 30 amps/hour.
  • We plan to install

  • Trigger + 2 x 40 amp controllers from Dualtron Ultra 2.
  • Battery 50 ampere hours of LG elements lithium polymer.
  • Smart BMS with a smartphone app that will enable battery management.
  • Controllers from ultra will make it possible to adjust the thrust from the start, as well as the level of recovery.
    Replacing the controllers will allow you to abandon the capricious hall sensors.
    The increased battery will allow you to “forget” About the battery charge level and will be guaranteed to drive 100+ kilometers!

    Work plan in two parts:

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