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An example of a factory defect of an electric scooter

The jintech scooter has been repaired with a problem of the front wheel – the wheel motor.

Identified problems during the initial inspection – the motor wheel is not flat, with an inclination to the right side, when the throttle knob is pressed, a short circuit between the phases is felt.
In the off state, there is a slowdown, as during recovery.

Having disassembled the motor, the burnt stator windings were revealed, the insulation of the wires was broken, which gave a short circuit. It is economically impractical to alter the winding of such a motor, the price of a new one is 3000 rubles. It was decided to replace it with a similar used serviceable one. The motor was assembled, tested, and works properly.

When installing the motor, it turned out that there is a factory defect in the seats of the motor axis on the fork. The depth of the left side is less than 3 millimeters of the depth of the right, so the motor sits with a roll to the right side, this caused the stator windings to close. In an inclined position, the center of gravity is shifted, from which the right axle bearing suffers and the tire wears out unevenly. With the forks of these scooters, deformations usually occur after falling into a pit or when jumping from curbs, in this case the fork is smooth, without deformations. We can only think that this is a factory defect.

We cut the missing millimeters to an even position, now the motor and fork will work normally.

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