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шипованные покрышки

With the onset of winter, many users do not abandon the electric scooter in everyday affairs.
But winter operating conditions are very different from summer ones, primarily snow and ice, as well as the risk of condensation inside the controller, battery and wheel motor.

Snow and ice are just as dangerous, but directly to the rider himself, the probability of falls increases significantly!

Studded tires for electric scooters will help to avoid or minimize the risk of falling. These are solid-cast wheels studded in an artisanal way, with the use of non-hardened metal spikes. They behave predictably on ice and snow, but they do not like clean asphalt and are quickly erased.

With careful operation, you can remove the remaining spikes at the beginning of the next season and use them as ordinary tires.

летняя покрышrа xiaomiзимняя покрышка электросамоката

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