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Electric scooter display

Electric scooter display

Electric scooter display, it’s not just beauty and design. The display serves toI display the controls and settings of the electric scooter. Through the display, you can make basic settings of the electric scooter, which will increase safety and increase the service life of the electric scooter. Of course, you can configure the electric scooter through the display, only if it is in the electric scooter. For Xiaomi and Ninebot electric scooters, the display is limited by the placement and is practically absent, the space on the steering column that is allocated for the display reflects the statistics of the speed and the selected mode.

On the full display you will find information about cruise control. To the electric scooter, as in a car, you can turn on the cruise control and release the gas trigger. The electric scooter will maintain the speed you have gained until the trigger of the gas or brake is activated. I recommend using this feature for long trips with flat terrain.

Using the display, you can set the motor power. By default, the manufacturer sets 100%. By reducing this indicator, you increase the service life of the motor wheel, but the maximum speed of the electric scooter will decrease. The indicator is set as a percentage of the maximum power of the motor wheel. I recommend reducing the value to 90%.

Zero start function makes it possible to start the motor-wheel of the electric scooter from a place, without acceleration (pushing off with the foot). I advise disabling this feature for several reasons:
1. Security. Starting from a place is good when you expect it and are ready for it. In most cases, especially if you have rented an electric scooter, you forget about this function and accidentally pulls the trigger of the gas and the electric scooter breaks out of your hands.
2. Load on the motor-wheel. The included zero start creates a “push” in the electric wheel, this increases the load on the motor wheel.
3. Increases battery consumption. In an electric scooter, the battery will use up more energy from the start from the spot than with acceleration by foot.

The smoothness of the electric scooter, can also be set via the display. How fast will your electric scooter go downhill, will it pick up speed gradually or rapidly? This setting is comparable to the sports mode in cars. The setting affects the battery consumption, you need to pay for a brisk start with a battery charge. The smoothness of the stroke is set on a scale from 1 to 5, where 5 is the most smooth stroke. On my electric scooter, I set the value to 5.

The recovery level is set on the electric scooter displays. Recovery is the conversion of energy released during braking into battery charge. Recuperation makes it possible to increase the battery charge of the electric scooter up to 10%. I recommend enabling this feature.

Speed limits for each electric scooter mode. This is an opportunity to set the maximum speed for each mode. A convenient function, if you give an electric scooter to a child, is the ability to control the speed of the trip (of course, if your child does not change this setting).

The electric scooter display shows mileage (total and per trip), electric scooter mode, charge level, driving speed (not in all electric scooters), driving time. These indicators are analytical in nature, without the possibility of making adjustments to them. Before buying an electric scooter, look at the total mileage.

Have a good trip and a long service to your electric scooter. You can get advice on settings by contacts our electric scooter repair shop.

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