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Electric scooter cheap Electric scooter cheap

Electric scooter cheap Electric scooter cheap

What is the difference between an electric scooter is not expensive and an electric scooter is cheap? Is it worth paying more?

An electric scooter is not expensive – this is when you bought an electric scooter with a 5% discount, a maximum of 10% of the market price. A big discount, transfers the electric scooter to the category “electric scooter cheap”, this means that it will differ from its analogues.

What is the difference between “electric scooter is not expensive” and “electric scooter is cheap”?

1. The battery is the first and essential difference! The electric scooter will not be expensive to install a battery 10-20% lower than the stated characteristics. The electric scooter will have a lot of differences at times. It is impossible to buy an electric scooter with a battery of 8,000 A / h for 10,000 rubles, because only a battery of this capacity costs 8,000 rubles.
The electric scooter is not expensive, the battery cells will be “no name” supporting, as a rule, 200-300 charging cycles. A cheap electric scooter has “no name” elements, but they will already last 100-200 charge cycles.

2. Electronic components. I will explain on the example of the BMS board. An expensive BMS board in an electric scooter cuts off excess charge, monitors the temperature, balances the elements, turns off the battery when a preset discharge level is reached. The BMS board itself is varnished and placed in a separate box, which protects against oxidation. Such a board itself will last a long time and the electric scooter battery will extend its service life. In an electric scooter, it is “not expensive”, the BMS will perform the functions of monitoring charging and discharging, but the protection from moisture will be less and the box will be absent, there will be no thermal sensor, as well as balancing. In cheap electric scooters, BMS will perform only 2 functions (cuts off excessive charge and discharge). The board itself is not protected from oxidation, which quickly disables it. But it also costs 3 times cheaper. And so it is with all electronic components.

3. Electric scooter software. “Electric scooter cheap” will please with the absence of a Bluetooth module, this is certainly good, on the one hand, there is nothing to break. But all the settings will have to be done by enabling button combinations (if you find the setup instructions on it):
– remove “zero start”;
– set speed parameters.
-enable/disable “cruise control”
The “electric scooter is not expensive” module will be installed, but the application will only allow you to configure the electric scooter and see the total mileage. Detailed analytics, diagnostics, and fine-tuning of the electric scooter will not be possible.

4. Geometry. In cheap electric scooters, the geometry of the parts leaves much to be desired. Eliminate backlash, adjust the brakes to 100% will not work.

5. Attachments. An additional powerful light, an alarm system – this can not be found either in cheap electric scooters or in electric scooters “not expensive”.

When buying an electric scooter, remember that a miser pays twice. The story from the cartoon about 7 caps by Chinese manufacturers is performed superbly.
An electric scooter is not only a means of transportation, but also emotions. Positive emotions to you from electric scooter rideselectric scooter rides!

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