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Electric scooters for events (B2B rental)

Electric scooters for events (B2B rental)

Electric scooter is not only a convenient means of movement for walking. This type of transport is perfect for work purposes. I don’t mean shipping or moving in warehouses. I want to tell you about the use of electric scooters for short-term work: to meet guests at the exhibition, to move customers, to move among customers, etc.
Who benefits from renting electric scooters?
1. Organizer of exhibitions and festivals.
Moving quickly around a site of several hundred square meters, especially open areas, becomes very tedious. And when contractors- developers are at a distance from each other, it is generally problematic. During the whole event, whether it is an exhibition or a festival, there are always issues that require prompt solutions and personal presence at the facility. Electric scooters for your team are a solution that increases the efficiency of event management.

2. Developers of stands.
Moving, moving and moving again within the walls of the exhibition or in the open spaces of built–up objects is a tedious procedure repeated more than once. Did you forget something in the car? Did the customers bring the posters? The customer’s representative came, do I need to take the pass? Need to get to the organizers? All this can be done in a matter of minutes if you are on an electric scooter. The electric scooter does not require registration of any documents for operation, both inside the exhibition space and outside. You save time and effort of your employees, and increase their motivation.

3. Participants of the exhibition.
The problems of transferring passes, meeting guests and organizing delivery from the finished stationery to tea and coffee, all this is the work of beautiful girls working at the stand. And if you add high heels to this, then by the evening they are not smiling at all. The solution to the issue is electric scooter rental. For a stand with a small area, 1-2 electric scooters are enough and you will quickly solve all issues and increase the loyalty of employees.

4. Guides and tour organizers.
You will have to conduct an excursion for a group of 10-15 people. It will not be forgotten if you take in electric scooters for rent. Your visitors will receive not only a lecture about the sights, but also pleasant memories of a walk on electric scooters. This is especially true on long routes, another type of transport is not very effective for a small group. Walking with a breeze on an electric scooter is much more pleasant than walking under the scorching summer sun or in a stuffy bus. Your customers will be satisfied and come back to you again for new knowledge and impressions.

5. Photographers.
Photos of happy newlyweds, young birthday people with guests, anniversaries, family photos, etc. There is always a question with the location of the shooting. When it’s not a studio, but a park or part of an urban development, you won’t be able to remove a lot of places. Electric scooters will help you. Travel to VDNKh, Gorky Park, Moscow City – everything becomes accessible. There will be smiles on the faces of your customers, not fatigue. You will be able to work out a photo shoot faster and catch the right light. Beautiful live photos with a not boring exterior – -available at rental of electric scooters.

Why choose our rental for events?

We have a large fleet of electric scooters in excellent technical condition. All electric scooters are checked before renting, we also check the appearance of the equipment. Clean, neat, with charged batteries and technically prepared, it is our customers who see electric scooters.

Deliver and pick up at a time and place convenient for you. These can be completely different points on the map. We are not tied to a single point passed-accepted, we adapt to you.

We select models of electric scooters for each event. Pneumatic wheels for open construction sites are 100% punctures. We will offer you electric scooters on cast tires. Terrain with rises – we will rent an electric vehicle with a large battery. And there are many more different aspects that will make your work carefree.

Get Wet will conduct training for your employees, will set up electric scooters through the app and tell you about safety rules.

quickly and without questions, we will replace the electric scooter quickly and without questions. Nothing will distract you and your employees from work.

If you have any questions, you also need an electric scooter – we are always in touch! For certain events, it is possible to be present at the venue.

It is convenient and profitable to work with us! Discounts from tariffs are provided for corporate clients.

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Electric scooters for events (B2B rental)
Electric scooters for events (B2B rental)
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