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Сборка аккумулятора электропылесоса

The electric broom home vacuum cleaner began to pull the garbage weakly and work a little on time.
The power supply system of the vacuum cleaner is 20.4 volts.

After disassembling the vacuum cleaner, it turned out that the capacity of the regular battery is only 2000 milliamps.
This is very little to pass through the entire apartment during the cleaning process. It was decided to install the assembly on Li-ion Lithium-ion-21700, 7S1P elements (7 elements connected in series).
Which gives a total power supply system of 24 volts. The battery capacity has become 4800 milliamps, which will allow the vacuum cleaner to work for 1 hour continuously, without loss of power!

Now you don’t have to worry about not having time to vacuum on one charge and losing traction!

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