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Waterproofing of electric scooter with the use of sealant for contacts.

Waterproofing of electric scooter it can be produced by different methods. One of the methods, the consequences of which I often eliminate in the repair shop, is using a sealant to isolate the contacts.

Unfortunately, this method is already fraught with danger for the electric wiring of the electric scooter. It’s the composition of the sealant. During curing, the sealant releases a small amount of acetic acid (2-4% of the total weight) into the air. Of course, there are types of sealants that do not emit acetic acid, but for waterproofing, sealants that emit 99% acid are used. Under the action of acetic acid in the terminals of the connections, copper vitriol is formed, the contacts are oxidized, and the current ceases to be transmitted through the electric network of the scooter. The electric scooter stops working.

 electric scooter Waterproofing corrosion of electric scooter contacts

For correct handling of electric scooter contacts, during waterproofing, it is necessary to use a special compound. The composition forms a film on the contact surfaces that repels the liquid. The film is not exposed to temperatures and is resistant to external factors. This method is similar in effect to the coating in the production of circuits and boards with varnish. High-quality boards are coated with several layers of varnish for the same purpose, to protect the contacts from corrosion. This method is also recommended in educational institutions specializing in electronics.
The argument when using a sealer, it will better protect against water penetration, does not work. Even completely” filled “with sealants electric scooter can be “drowned”. It’s about the design features of electric scooter models and the mud composition from under the wheels of the electric scooter. About so why do “bays” occur can be read in the article ” Can I use an electric scooter in the rain?»

electric scooter Waterproofingelectric scooter Waterproofing

The abundant presence of sealant is not 100% water protection. The sealant helps to oxidize the contacts of the electric scooter. It complicates the repair of the electric scooter, which means that it increases the cost of repair. Be careful when ordering waterproofing of electric scooter, specify the method of waterproofing. Proper waterproofing of the scooter consists of several blocks: waterproofing of the soundboard goals (here the use of sealant is justified), waterproofing of contacts with a special composition, waterproofing of the motor wheel.

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Waterproof of electric scooter with a sealant
Waterproof of electric scooter with a sealant
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