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We’ve moved! PROcamokat has a new address in Moscow

Адрес прокат и ремонт электросамокатов

We are starting a new school year from a new place! Electric vehicle repair shop and electric scooter rental PROcamokat now at the new address: Moscow Aviakonstruktora str. Mil d 2 building 1 .
How to find us:

    1. Metro “Zhulebino”, the first car from cent, exit to the shopping center “Mile”. 500 meters down the street Aviakonstruktora Mile (TC Mile will be on your right). Landmark – a monument a Mile and a helicopter. The next long building is the address you are looking for. Entrance from the far end of the building.
    2. By Bus 177, 669 Stop Privol’nyy.

    How to get there by car

    The exit from Privolnaya street to Aviakonstruktorov Mile even side of the houses is regulated by a traffic light. After the turn, the first exit to the courtyard. There is a small Parking space next to the entrance.

    Exit to General Kuznetsov street on the even side of the houses. The Mil shopping center remains on the right side. Continue for 500 meters.

    Parking is allowed on both sides of the street until the last bus stop. Near the house there are not large Parking pockets/

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    The workshop is located on the first floor of a non-residential Annex. Entrance from the end of the building, far from the metro and close to the forest Park. For reference, the sign “Plumbing online”.

    We are waiting for You at the new address every day from 10 to 19. Upon completion of all organizational issues, the workshop will return to its work schedule from 9 to 20.

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    We've moved! PROcamokat has a new address in Moscow
    We've moved! PROcamokat has a new address in Moscow
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