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E-TWOW и Kugoo s3

These electric scooters are similar as siblings, but there are differences!

I assume that first appeared E- TWOW , this scooter is premium in all characteristics. As is customary, a product made of high-quality materials appears first, then optimization begins.
This does not mean that the characteristics of the Kugoo s3 are worse, but the first one is made neater:

  • plastic is nicer,
  • fitting parts is better,
  • E-TWOW’s light is automatic,
  • all parts are branded,
  • shock absorbers work both front and rear,
  • in the rear wing, which is also an active mechanical brake of the rear wheel, an electronic brake sensor is mounted, which in emergency situations is an advantage over the Kugoo s3.
  • the battery is honest, there is a version of 24 volts and 36 volts.
  • The price is the only thing that upsets.

    For the same money, you can buy a scooter of a higher class.

    Kugoo S3, as mentioned above, the characteristics are only similar to the 36 volt version:

  • the only version is 36 volts,
  • clumsy plastic,
  • unreadable display in the sun,
  • falling buttons,
  • front spring not working(clamped),
  • plastic feels like rubber
  • and there are a lot of little things that have been done on a budget.
  • Kugoo s3 manufactured by Jilong and its clones are the undisputed leader in Russia in terms of numbers, truly People’s electric scooter!

    There is a choice, they are visually similar, but that’s IT!

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