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люфт руля Kugoo M4

Kugoo M4 is a popular electric scooter with 500/600 watt motor wheel characteristics, 48 volt constant voltage system.

The Kugoo M4 does not have so many problematic mechanisms, but they are there.

Today we will describe one common one, this is the steering column.

During operation, there is an unpleasant backlash of the steering wheel in relation to the deck. The reason for this is the bolt connecting the steering column and the fork of the front wheel, it is loosened, also the washer under it is very thin and if you tighten the bolt well, it deforms.

We recommend:

    1. Replace the washer with a thicker one.

    2. Handle the bolt with a threaded retainer during installation.

And in the end, another life hack when repairing the Kugoo M4 electric scooter:

Inside the steering column there is a height-adjustable steering wheel, at the end of which a plastic plug is installed, which does not allow the steering wheel to turn inside the steering column.
It breaks down often.
Do not rush to throw it away, if you have such a thing, it can be repaired and strengthened!

To do this, we select a bolt, a nut and two washers. We pull this structure together and install it, with a metal rod such a structure will be stronger and there is no need to buy a new part.

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