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Электросамокат Kugoo зимняя эксплуатация

Using the example of the Kugoo M4 electric scooter, you can consider and analyze whether it is possible to operate an electric scooter in winter?

Modern electrics and electronics are well protected by modern materials with dielectrics. Plastic connectors, wire insulation, varnish on the boards.
All these materials work well in plus temperatures, but in winter operation there are two factors that can turn a new “carriage into a pumpkin” in one winter!

    1. The first factor is anti-icing reagents, salt.
    It corrodes the wiring, corrodes metal surfaces, which causes the electric scooter to become completely unusable in a short period.
    2. The second factor is condensate.
    All hidden cavities, including the lithium-ion battery, are corroded as a result of temperature changes.
    3. The third factor: the frequency of operation.
    With daily fluctuations (we store at + 25 degrees, we operate at -15 degrees, the above begin to act more aggressively each time to your electric scooter.

Once you leave in winter, you will not spoil the electric scooter, but systematic use will lead to sad results! Winter budget electric scooters have not yet been invented.

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