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The most frequent question I hear from electric scooter rental and repair customers is: “How long will I drive an electric scooter?”
Let’s figure it out. Communicating with representatives of manufacturers of electric scooters, I did not get an unambiguous answer to this question. My experience of electric scooter rental and “Chinese English” helped to identify the parameters at which an ordinary urban electric scooter will travel 17-20 km, or even 25 km, as the manufacturers say. The electric scooter will travel the declared distance if:
1. The rider’s weight is not more than 70 kg.
2. The terrain and road surface are flat and smooth.
3. The style of electric scooter control is smooth and even gentle, without growls and accelerations.
Armed with knowledge of physics, we will calculate the ideal mileage of an electric scooter from a single battery charge.
S calculated = electric scooter battery capacity* rated battery voltage/ rated motor power* electric scooter speed.
T calculated = electric scooter battery capacity* rated battery voltage/ rated motor power*60 (to get the result in minutes).

Let’s calculate for example the distance for the most ordinary urban electric scooter with the same characteristics as:
– battery capacity of 6 A / h (the most common),
– 36 V (its voltage is indicated on the electric scooter battery),
– 250 W (the power of the Xiaomi motor and their numerous analogues),
– 15 km / h average speed when walking.
S calculated =6*36/250*15 = 13.96 km.
T calculated =6*36/250*60 = 50.4 minutes
Let’s add recuperation, the ambition of producers and a tailwind, voila, 14 km turns into 17-20 km (depending on the ambition). Recovery gives 5-10% to the battery charge.
So the answer seems to be found, BUT! The calculation is made for ideal operating conditions of the electric scooter. The ideal rider weighing no more than 70 kg, who makes a trip on a flat and smooth surface, gently pulling the trigger of the gas.

The key parameters of reality destroy the idyll.

Rider’s weight.
The heavier the electric scooter controller, the faster the battery will discharge. For riders weighing more than 100 kg, I will not rent an ordinary city electric scooter for 2 reasons. The client will not be satisfied with a short walk and such a trip is very likely to end with a breakdown of the electric scooter. During the movement, a situation will arise when it will be necessary to drive into a hill, a rise of more than 10 degrees will disable the controller. He’ll just burn up. For such riders, I definitely recommend electric scooters with more motor power and a large battery.
If you rent electric scooters for pair skating, periodically change vehicles. So the load on electric scooters will be the same, you will be able to ride longer and the batteries will be discharged almost simultaneously.

Riding style.
By setting the maximum speed on the electric scooter, switching to the “sport” mode, you reduce the time of your walk and the estimated time will diverge from the actual one. The fastest walk was shown to me by a client of my electric scooter rental, 42 minutes and S3 was “okirpichen”. Recharging in the cafe corrected the situation and the customer will continue the trip. That’s why I give chargers to everyone electric scooters for hire. A “snack” with salad for us and charging for the electric scooter battery is an opportunity to continue the walk.

Another factor that destroys the ideal is the terrain. Moscow stands on 7 hills. Sretensky, Tagansky, Presnensky, etc. hills familiar from Moscow studies, become a decent slide for an electric scooter. When choosing routes for a walk, take into account the terrain.

Continuity of the trip.
A walk consisting of started and stopped will be much shorter than a continuous movement on an electric scooter for 10-15 minutes. It’s like with a car, more fuel consumption for the acceleration phase from the spot.

The lower the ambient temperature, the faster the battery of the electric scooter will discharge. However, this statement is true only when the air temperature is less than 10 degrees. So this factor, during summer walks, will not affect your trip in any way.

I have listed the factors that reduce the estimated time and distance of the trip. There is something that can increase, or rather compensate for the discrepancy between the calculated indicators and the actual ones – this is recovery. This function of the electric scooter will give you 5-10% of the battery charge. All electric scooters of our rental with recovery.

The main destroyers of calculated indicators have been exposed! Have a nice trip on electric scooters!

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