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Battery for electric scooter

Battery for electric scooter

The beginning of the season of operation of electric scooters, if the equipment is not properly stored, is accompanied by disappointment in the battery operation. It discharges quickly or does not charge. If you have independently determined that the electric scooter battery requires replacement, this article will help you buy a good battery. However, I urge you to first carry out diagnostics in an electric scooter repair shop, not infrequently the reason lies in the malfunction of the BMS board, oxidized contacts, etc. Balancing a serviceable battery will be cheaper than buying a new one.
But if you want to increase the battery capacity or your battery has already lost its charge-discharge resource, but buying a new electric scooter battery is the right decision.
The main points that it is tedious to pay attention to when buying.
1. Indication of wetness.
A simple litmus paper is glued by manufacturers to all electric scooter batteries. If it became colored (mostly red), then the battery was wet. Getting the battery wet threatens to corrode the elements. Corroded elements cannot be restored.

2. Battery weight.
The battery with a capacity of 7,500 mA/h must weigh at least 1.5 kg. If the battery is light, it should arouse suspicion.

3. Marking.
Each element of the electric scooter battery must be marked. The marking contains the following
– capacity of the element
– voltage
– polarity
– a reliable manufacturer indicates the brand.
Elements of such brands as: LG, Samsung, Panasonic are considered reliable. Their real characteristics, as a rule, correspond to the declared ones.

4. Soldering.
Soldering of battery cells in specialized service centers, and even more so at the factory, is carried out by a soldering machine with a metal nickel-plated tape. Check the soldering quality, the tape must be securely soldered to each battery cell.

5. The terminals.
Pay attention to the terminals, different models of electric scooters have different terminals. If you purchase a battery from another model, you will have to solder the terminals.

6. Guarantee.
It is possible to check the operability of the electric scooter battery only on special equipment or during operation. Take a warranty from the seller or arrange a refund if the battery does not work in your electric scooter.
The procedure of self-purchase of an electric scooter battery requires attention and knowledge of the characteristics of batteries. The declared characteristics 99% do not correspond to the real characteristics of batteries, these are the realities of the Russian market. I recommend buying batteries in professional workshops for the repair of electric scooters, immediately with the installation service. Or from official representatives/distributors of electric scooters.

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