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Preparing the electric scooter for the season.

Подготовка электросамоката в сезону

With the onset of heat, it is worth taking care of preparing the electric scooter for the season. Preparation, first of all, is checking the serviceability of the main elements of the electric scooter.

Pay attention to the tires. It is necessary to check the pressure in pneumatic tires. On “small” electric scooters, such as Xiaomi (and their analogues), problems with the kugoo S3, with Ninebot about this can be done at home by hand. The tire should feel tight and bend under the weight. For “large” electric scooters, such as Dualpron” Kugoo M4, Kugoo G-Booster, you can not do without a pressure gauge. The tire pressure should be 3-3.5 atmospheres (according to the manufacturers’ recommendations). 

Check the tire wear and the uniformity of wear. Safety when braking on an electric scooter is ensured not only by the braking system, but also by the condition of the tires. Hernias known to motorists, tread scuffs indicate the need to produce electric scooter tire service .

The serviceability of the brake system requires constant checking, especially after long-term storage of the electric scooter. In our service center we check:

1. Wear of brake pads.
2. The presence and deformation of brake lines.
3. We adjust the brake system.
At home, the response of the brake, it should not be “cotton”. Inspect the brake cables. The brake indication must include the light of the corresponding headlights on the electric scooter.

Check how the motor wheel starts. When starting the electric scooter, it should not make cracking noises. If you detect extraneous sounds from the motorcycle wheel, contact the service. We do not recommend self-repair of this node. The motor wheel is one of the expensive electric scooter units, self-repair can lead to final breakdown.
Storing in a warm room and recharging the electric scooter battery during storage guarantees you no problems with the battery’s operability. To check, put the electric scooter on charging. Charging should last at least 1 hour, the indication from the red signal will change to green. It is possible to fully check the serviceability of the battery at home only by experiment: measure the distance you drive from a single charge. During the storage period, the battery could lose capacity, then you need to contact the repair of electric scooters. Learn more about batteries here.

Checking the electric scooter for backlash elements is not only your ride comfort, but also safety. In the service, we “stretch” all the connections, check such little things as the footrest, mudguards.

Final check – light! Sufficient illumination means your safety and the safety of other road users.

Your electric scooter is ready for the season. Have a good trip and pleasant impressions!

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Preparing the electric scooter for the season.
Preparing the electric scooter for the season.
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