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Xiaomi electric scooter (analog)

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Xiaomi electric scooter (analog), you can say about it right away – it is comfortable and urban.
What makes it so comfortable? The first thing I draw customers’ attention to is inflatable wheels. Inflatable wheels of 8.5 inches, give comfort when riding on any surface in the city. The deck width is 145 mm – both legs fit side by side, it is not necessary to stand half-sideways. The length is 1080 mm, a mother and a child will fit (but I will not recommend riding with small children). Weight, not a little important characteristic, 12.5 kg. Comparable to the weight of a child under 1 year old or a large package of cat/dog food. It is not convenient to wear for a long time, but it is quite possible to transfer, even to a fragile girl. The height of the ground clearance is 80 mm – it will not get stuck in the grass, it will pass through the “policeman” (especially carefully, very often a “speed bump” causes a fall). The power is 250 watts, a rider up to 100 kg can feel the speed of up to 30 km per hour, but the hill will not be lucky quickly. The battery, here everyone has it differently, China, however. My electric scooters have 6 Ah, up to 25 km of walking. I will dwell on the walking time in more detail, this is the main question of my clients. How long will it take? The variability depends on 3 factors: weight, terrain and at what speed you ride. Xiaomi electric scooters have 2 speeds. If you are 75-80 kg, on a flat surface you ride at first speed and use recovery – 3 hours of walking are guaranteed. You burn at a speed of 25 km per hour, you’re under 100 kg or you’re going downhill – 1.5 hours, the battery is low. It is fully charged in 4 hours, 1 hour of charging gives the first 40%, another hour of walking.
What to like after a trip on a Xiaomi electric scooter: comfort. Comfort is given not only by inflatable wheels, but also by comfortable handles, a feature of the application, convenient to fold, convenient to carry. There are practically no backlashes, it is convenient to manage. Comfort is a synonym for Xiaomi electric scooter.
But there is something in convenience that does not suit everyone. For example, the height of the steering wheel is not adjustable, it is not critical if your height is within the average 150-170 cm. The handles do not fold, motorists will understand when they load into the trunk. It will not be possible to place it compactly in the trunk due to the design of the folding mechanism. It folds, not from the soundboard. Electric scooter from Xiaomi can not be called frisky. Yes, and a charger with a fan, makes noise, however, when charging. Especially fastidious complain about the not convenient location of the footboard.
What you need to pay attention to when renting: is cruise control turned on, it’s not a particularly pleasant thing if you don’t know about it. You drive yourself, you drive, you stop pressing on the gas, and you wait for braking, but it wasn’t there, he goes on and on. Turns off via the app permanently or by pressing the brake/gas while driving. Whether the zero start is set, pushed off – drove or drove immediately after pressing the gas. I remove the zero start, suddenly starting from the fact that I accidentally pulled the trigger of the gas is not very pleasant and even dangerous.
If you want to buy a Xiaomi electric scooter (analog), see the build quality, especially the steering wheel panels and the folding mechanism. The battery, you will not check on the spot, choose reliable sellers. And be sure to order waterproofing, rains in Moscow are a frequent phenomenon.
Have a nice walk on the Xiaomi electric scooter!

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Xiaomi electric scooter (analog)
Xiaomi electric scooter (analog)
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